Policy: No Remedial Action on Orders Over 1-Year Old

Talismanic materia is not meant to be shelf-stable indefinitely, or to be stored over the long-term in many cases. Hydrosols go bad, natural dyes diminish, and oils can go rancid. Essential oils eat through plastic over time (especially when items are stored on their side). Sphere + Sundry's offerings eventually sell out, and become literally impossible to be replace; the list goes on.

For these reasons, we cannot provide refunds or replacements on orders that were placed over 1-year ago, even if the box hasn't been opened for that long. 

Please open your offerings (and use them!) within a reasonable timeframe so that remedies, replacements, and support is still available. 

Thank you for understanding! 

P.S. If you are going to store items in their boxes for any meaningful length of time, please store them upright resting on their front-flap rather than horizontal base (so that the postage sticker is standing upright and can be read normally: upright, left-to-right, or like a book on a shelf). This ensures most contents are standing upright rather than laying on their sides, which can contribute to leakage.

We recommend all liquid items be stored upright whenever possible, generally speaking.

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