Is something truly out of stock? The red banner doesn't seem right...

The red banners are a feature we wanted to implement for convenience, so Clients can quickly see what's Out of Stock (or will be Restocked) without needing to click through to individual offering pages.  

The downside is that these are MANUALLY set, rather than triggered based on *actual* stock status (on the website, or in reality). They often need to be updated, and because we don't spend as much time on the front-end, they are easy to miss! 🙈

The OTHER downside is that stock counts can differ from what's truly available and ready to ship vs. what the website *thinks* we have on hand

It's easy to know to restock something when a stock bin is empty, but it's not easy when the website thinks something is out of stock that we truly have... which happens more often than we'd like to admit! 😅

To stay more on top of all this: If you notice a discrepancy between what a red banner indicates and stock availability when try to add it to your Cart, please let us know by opening a support ticket under the selection "STOCK CHECK INQUIRY". 

We'll get back to you to confirm, and update the banner to reflect actual availability ☀️


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