How do I join as a Plus Member? What are the benefits?

The current benefits of being a Plus Member can be found on the same page where you can join on the main website, and is also summarized below. 

For us, the program primarily exists as a way of stabilizing the server by splitting major traffic into 2-3 rounds of activity per launch (we've had a lot of issues with crashes during launches before), with the cherry on tops being:

  • The opportunity to participate in a Rare Item Lottery for each incoming series, for more egalitarian distribution of Altar Box Sets and Talismans (beyond timezones and immediate financial constraints)
    • + a 30-day grace period to pay for any items the lottery allocates to you
    • + the ability to confirm that a particular election is if right before committing to a Talisman by using less expensive Forms in the meantime
    • + no need to follow through with any purchase
  • A Private Plus Member's Only Pre-Launch about 24-hours before each public launch
  • Pre-launch orders are, generally speaking, the first to ship in their category (domestics, then internationals), sometimes even dispatching before it goes live to non-members
  • Birthday Boons: If a Plus Member's birthday falls on the CREATION DAY of a series, the PM PRE-LAUNCH, or the public LAUNCH-LAUNCH, they automatically win whatever Rare Item Lotto requests submitted. 

Please note that it is a *subscription* which, like any other, will automatically renew until terminated.

Cancel with a click at any time, and if you would like a good-faith refund for any recent accidental renewal charge, our Client Services would be happy to reverse it for you 🤗

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