General Shipping Information

Unless otherwise specified, orders typically ship within 1-2 working days from Jacksonville, Oregon, USA.

Due to increased activity around launches, please allow longer for fulfillment after the debut of a new series (typically 7 days, excluding weekends).

You will be sent an email + tracking code when any shipment is processed!

If you notice any issues with the shipment or tracking of your package, please reach out to us as soon as possible so we can try to correct the situation. 

Global supply chain issues are still impacting delivery times and reliability, which the holiday season always exacerbates.

Here are all the shipping considerations to help you make the best selection for your needs:


Free Shipping Threshold

If your order meets the free shipping criteria ($99 US, $399 elsewhere), FREE SHIPPING must be selected as your shipping option (the system does not select it by default, for some silly/ annoying reason).

We will then ship it using the provider and mail class that makes the most sense based on the items in your order and location. If you have strong feelings about USPS or UPS please add it to the notes field and we will try our best to accommodate.


US Domestic Clients

USPS: We offer First-Class or Priority Mail, both include tracking.

UPS: On the West Coast, UPS Ground often arrives faster than Priority, especially since it includes Saturday delivery. We also offer overnight shipping via UPS. 


International Clients

Taxes and tariffs are determined by each individual nation, are assessed once they arrive, and are completely beyond our control. These are the responsibility of the consumer. Selecting which shipping provider changes the odds of whether or not these may impact you.

USPS: Shipping via USPS drastically reduces the likelihood you will be charged tax or tariff on your parcel, but it can take longer to arrive and sometimes linger in a Los Angeles shipping depot, in some cases for weeks or months. That will hopefully not be the case as often with Priority International (before we were also shipping First-Class International, which was dirt cheap but with no estimated delivery window).

UPS: Packages shipped UPS arrive very quickly and reliably, but it is not uncommon for them to be held hostage for a customs charge.

Bottom Line: USPS is the best option if you are okay with waiting longer for your package to arrive to reduce the potential of unexpected costs. UPS is the best option if money is less of an object than time.

You may also choose to have Sphere + Sundry send your package to a 3rd party by using their shipping address ("Care of X X"), who can forward it to you.


Changing Your Shipping Selection

We are a small operation who specializes in quick fulfillment, sometimes at the expense of being able to constantly check support tickets.

You are welcome to write in asking to change your shipping method but we cannot guarantee it will be seen in time to honor the request, so please double check your shipping selections each time you check out.


Shipping Class vs. Queue Time

Note that while we do offer overnight shipping as an option, that does not mean we'll organically get to your order in time to make that truly the case — especially during launchalanches.

If something is time sensitive, please make sure to send a support ticket letting us know so we can pull it from the queue and drop it off before the cutoff, rather than the end of day.

Since we do not charge any sort of additional handling fee for expedited processing, this is a courtesy that we do TRY to accommodate, but we cannot guarantee the ability to follow through. If Overnight is selected, that will be the CLASS it ships, and the amount you paid is what it actually cost us to have UPS get that for you.

Note that on the West Coast, UPS ground can often result in overnight delivery, and with less chances of going awry than Overnight Air in our experience. 


Adding to Existing Orders, Shipping Overage Refunds

As of October 30th 2022, we are no longer able to offer DOMESTIC order consolidation.

It has become too onerous, given the manual nature of the process, and the shipping platform being too buggy to combine reliably.

As a consolation, we have lowered the free shipping thresholds considerably.

INTERNATIONAL orders qualify for a single (1) hold order by request (preferably in the notes field but a support ticket works too!), and will automatically ship when the next order is placed. Refunds will be issued as-needed. If you believe we missed a refund you are due, reach out to us about that too! We're doing our best to handle a lot and things do fall through the cracks sometimes

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