My Body Butter (or another item) arrived deflated or half empty (melted in transit)

Body Butters are especially susceptible to melting during transit, especially when the weather is hot.

It's always a bummer when this happens, though we do not send replacements when it does, since shipping conditions are entirely beyond our control 🙃

If your jar arrived looking deflated or the Butter is too stiff, it's because the air that's whipped inside to create a silky consistency and ease application was separated due to melting. It would not have been sent mostly empty, and you are not getting any less than you would if it had looked full.

The good news is, deflated Body Butters can be entirely restored! Or applied as-is!

Use a spatula to scrape it out of the container and put into a medium bowl in the refrigerator (if it needs to re-solidify), take it out, then re-whip it using a hand mixer once it comes to about 75°.

They also make excellent massage oils, whether warmed in advance or straight from the jar. 

Smaller amounts can be warmed on the fingers and combined with other lotions to dilute, or for people desiring a lighter feel.

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