I don't like a smell of a BPAL or something else I received

Sincerest apologies that anything wasn't to your liking 🙁
We completely understand acquiring perfumes (or any scented item) over the internet can be a gamble in terms of personal preference...
Unfortunately, we are unable to take back or refund items like these since they don't have security seals on them, and we do not run any sort of "sample and send back if you don't like it" program (the return policy is available as a link on the Checkout page).
That being said, you are welcome to sell or swap it in the Secondary Market of the Client Community.
If you don't have great luck offloading it right away, you shouldn't have a problem once it's sold out. At some point, odds are fantastic someone will buy it at full price from you, especially if it remains primarily unused. One person's "death note" as another's scent treasure 😘
And for the future, a common practice in BPAL and perfume culture are "decant circles". That's where someone purchases full sets and creates smaller samples to circulate amongst those who throw in a few bucks, to see what resonates and what doesn't before committing to their own whole bottle. People run those through our platform and also BPAL forums directly. That might be a better way to approach sampling perfumes moving forward.
You are also welcome to use it for its magical utility without wearing it directly — as an offering to spirits, to anoint petition papers or dress candles, or give as a magical gift to someone its more suited to 🌸
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