Closed July 4th, Asclepius IV Fulfillment Update, Thema Mundi Extended

We'll be closed alongside the post office for America's Independence Day, July 4th. 

Virtually everything aside from Altar Box Sets and some Copper Vessels has shipped, following launch last week. Remaining rare items will be fulfilled by the end of this week (July 7th) early the week of July 10th, hopefully Monday. 

There was a super convenient internet outage at HQ on Friday, July 7th! Apologies!

 Thema Mundi has also been extended yet again (wasn't the plan, but is how it's unfolding!), and will close toward or at the end of the month. Rare items for that have still not been allocated, and it's good form to leave more breathing room between major launches. 

Part II of that write-up needs finished before then, so I'm going to throw myself into final formulation ASAP to facilitate more interface with the series, and get this big-ass process rolling. 

Thanks to Asclepius (and the Coterie!) for that brief intermission 😘

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