Will you be coming out with [WHATEVER] series? Will there be a new edition of [WHATEVER] series?

The excitement behind these inquiries is appreciated, but honestly, most of the time the answer is the same:

"As soon as there is an excellent election!" 

With the caveat that:

  1. Most series require a full Lunar cycle of incubation before they can be released,
  2. Launches happen around every 6-8 weeks, and
  3. We pair what series come out with the Zeitgeist, so the order created is not necessarily the order debuted.

    We chose not to release Antares until Mars was finished with its 2022 retrograde, for instance, because of the chance it could exacerbate Martial issues upon arrival!

If Sphere + Sundry has come out with a series before, there is a very high likelihood new editions will continue to be released over time.

The issue is that the best possible elections are difficult to come by, and sometimes made impossible for months or years based on the presence of Nodes and Malefics

We don't just seize on any would-be electional opportunity that presents itself — we stargaze years in advance to cherry pick the best of the best, and certainly avoid things that may backfire

We chose to forego Venus in Pisces 2023 due to the Mars square, and will also pass on Venus in Taurus 2023 because of the influence of Rahu and Uranus. It is *our professional opinion* that these increase the likelihood of backfires, dark/ manifestly bad experiences, and unpredictable results that make them higher-risk than we are willing to offer our Clients. The Moon must always be unafflicted, configured to the Power, and preferably carrying good light, as well.

If you are interested in higher-risk elections, we suggest creating your own paper talismans, rather than creating or buying something more permanent. 

These are things we've learned (sometimes the hard way!) over the course of 15-years of real-life practice, a decade of which were before we started offering creations to the public. Different practitioners have different standards; ours are golden. 

The results being "desirable" is not what makes Talismanic magic powerful, it is simply the method of creation. That is as true with poor or botched elections as it is the good ones! Judgment can get cloudy when we *want* something that isn't at peak ripeness (or maybe even has worms in it). They get more complicated when lack of experience meets financial incentive/ market demand.

These become bigger and more important considerations as the market for Talismanic Materia (which Sphere + Sundry created) and Talismanic Magic in general gets larger, and more people with less experience are putting their wares on offer. Consumers must educate and advocate for themselves, since they are the ones who live and experience the consequences — whether those be good, bad, or other.

Note that there are many malefic Powers Sphere + Sundry will likely never work with, including further iterations of Algol. Once Mother Algol is gone, that will likely be the end of our commercial work together, at least as far as materia goes. 

Other than that one series, we'll create new editions of the existing catalogue, as often as truly wonderful opportunities present themselves!

+ there are a lots of things we'd like to create that there hasn't been a great chance for yet 😘



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