Antares Launch Details (February 2023)

  • Antares goes public on: February 8th [Wednesday] @ 3:30 PM PDT

Plus Member launch milestones start around 48-hours before the public launch, details below.

Active Plus Members are invited to participate in the Rare Item Lottery (for the chance to reserve Talismans + Altar Boxes with a 30-day grace period), and an exclusive Pre-Launch, which grants them 24-hours of early access to the write-up, offering descriptions, and the opportunity to purchase any item before stock is made available to the public.

These orders are also first to ship 🕊

  • PM Rare Item Lottery: February 6th [Monday] @ 12:00 PM
    • Deadline for submissions (open 24 hrs): Feb 7th [Tuesday] @ 12:00 PM
      Emails will go out letting PMs know if they won the lottery (or not) before the next step!
  • PM Pre-Launch: Feb 7th [Tuesday] @ 3:30 PM
  • Public Launch-Launch: Feb 8th [Wednesday] @ 3:30 PM

Click here to view *all* launch milestones in your local time automatically 😘

Note since it's commonly asked: becoming a Plus Member through the website grants instant access to any point of the process.


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