2022 Holiday Shipping Update, Fulfillment + Support Timelines, Long Weekend Closure

The last couple weeks of December are a time when most people want, need, and should spend more time with their friends and families, and find moments of solitude to reflect on the year past, and yet to come.

We hope you, Dearest Reader, and every Client and loved one in our orbit get that opportunity — including the beautiful Spirits who make Production, Administration, Fulfillment, and Client Services possible.

We also thank every member of staff who has had a hand in another fantastic year of life-changing magic, exceptional growth, expedited turnaround, and improved quality across the board 🌟

Your dedication is so appreciated, and bonus envelopes shall reflect that. 


Shipping Info, Christmas Weekend Closure

Light{s} in the Darkness and Jupiter in Sagittarius II were launched on the Winter Solstice, December 21st.

Typically shipping would have been initiated by now, but these launches were a relative surprise to us all. We have decided to give the office and workroom a long holiday weekend, meaning no work Monday, following Christmas.

Shipping begins on Tuesday, December 27th for any orders still processing, or which will be placed in the meantime. It could take through the end of the week to reach order 0. 


Extended Support Times

Please note that there is a backlog in support ticket response times right now.

Some tickets are over a week old that have not yet been addressed. No one has been overlooked or forgotten; there has been a lack of time and people trained to address them. If you are waiting on a response, it will come as soon as we are able to provide resolution ✅

We are in the early phases of training more people to contribute to the Client Services division, and have hired a new full time member of staff within the last week.

Because our processing times are typically so fast, sometimes people write in when their orders aren't sent practically immediately or support tickets don't get a seemingly instantaneous response.


Technical Burdens + Postal Pressure

Note that the coupon for review system is an extra administrative burden that requires assisting those who haven't gotten one (whether technical or human error), forgot to add it to their order and want it done retroactively, &c.

AND, the system was refreshed alongside the launch, creating tens of such inquiries.

These things take time to process, especially when they happen all at once, and they usually have to be handled by Kaitlin (me, hai!) personally.  

The website has been buggy lately and required much in the way of additional effort and attention.

On top of that, the holidays are a very hectic time for the postal system, resulting in increased instances of mis-deliveries and things going wrong beyond our control. This too is contributing to strain on response times and general unrest in the portal. 


Help Us Help You

We are dedicated to posting routine updates like this when performance is impacted, and ask that our Clients please check the Help Desk for such information before opening a new support inquiry. 

More communications make it even more difficult to push overcome a backlog, and creates additional strain.

We work incredibly hard to serve our Clients as quickly + thoroughly as possible year-round, and have contributed to setting unreasonable expectations that peak performance is possible as a sustained constant. This becomes even more true in the face of balancing the needs of our Team with those of our Clients.

We are trying to practice as humane a capitalism as possible, and the buck must stop at an excessive cost to quality of life for any + all parties!

Thank you for helping make our jobs easier by extending grace, restraint, and patience when we are struggling under excess pressure and in need of recovery 💝

More changes are in the pipeline that will contribute to sustainability and streamlining moving forward, including on the Client's end in terms of confusion, which will be announced as enacted. 


We pray that your holidays are filled with warmth and love and renewal, and the New Year brings good health and great fortune!

We will continue doing all we can to help boost those odds in your favor — 2023 and beyond, and are incredibly lucky to have such a passionate, involved Clientele to give [bummer] updates to in the first place 😘

We are {collectively} making entire Worlds possible in ways yet unknown, and are excited about what's in the incubation chamber, and for what future harvests shall bring.


Rest, take good care, and thank u all 🕯

Fallout from 'Lights in the Night' sky lanterns could put ArtPrize entries  under more city scrutiny - mlive.com


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