Closed for Halloween

Quick heads up that the Team has Halloween off today, so we'll be back to answering support tickets and shipping tomorrow 🎃

If anyone wants to use [the Client Community] to share pictures of themselves/ loved ones/ furbabies, or offsprings' costumes, decor, or ritual observations to the Dead, DO go off, please! 👻 It'll make things feel more festive and I'd love to see all of it — sure I'm not the only one 😽

In addition to the Homepage update and other misc. website cleanup this weekend, I also created a Help Center + new method of creating support tickets that will help streamline operations for all involved.

(Right now you can still reply to any email but that will change soon...)

Will be updating email templates and bringing everything else up to speed shortly, in addition to further fleshing out the Help Center with more answers to common questions AND use applications ("how do I get the incense powder to burn right?"), that kind of thing. 

It lives here at the moment:

Soon it'lll be at once Hero Web Dev works his magic 💫 In the interim, there will be links everywhere so the domain itself is semi-moot. 

We can also use the Help space to archive links to useful threads, or translate portions of them into articles there for easier reference. I think it'll be a super helpful resource for all of over time 🤗

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