How do I place a testimonial? What is the quarterly coupon for review system?

Testimonials allow Clients to get a better sense of how these offerings work in real-world applications, and provide supporting evidence of the magical methods Sphere + Sundry espouses.

To collect more information on the performance of our creations, we do send a $20 thank you coupon for the first review a Client leaves each quarter, starting on (or around) each Solstice and Equinox. Kaitlin sends out a notification in the Client Community each time the system is refreshed.

Note that the coupon only applies to the *first* review, not one coupon *per* review. That said, you are absolutely welcome to leave more + we do appreciate getting as much feedback as possible! 🌟

Testimonials and field reports can be added to the website by navigating to the individual page of any offering you'd like, and scrolling down until you see the Testimonials input box. 




If you are logged in, you will not need to enter your name or email. Enter the name as you want it to display.

If you are *not* logged in, make sure to use the same email address you check out with, or that your Account is associated with. Otherwise the coupon won't show up in your account or be able to validate itself during the checkout process. 

It can take 24-hours for the coupon codes to be sent, and the first review an account ever leaves must be approved manually for spam purposes. 

If you need your display name changed, please create a support ticket

Thank you for taking the time, and contributing effort and energy to the field of talismanic materia itself by sharing your experiences!

Note that testimonials will likely be published in a book someday, and that posting any content to the website gives your consent for Sphere + Sundry to republish that text in any way it chooses for no additional compensation.


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