How do I download Info Sheet PDFs? (1/11/23)

The first way is:

On the front-end of the website, navigate to an individual offering page of the series you want an Info Sheet for.

Note that you must have made the purchase from the same account you're logged into, to be granted access!

Scroll down past the Add to Cart button and you'll see a see the INFO area, below which is a toggle link that says "Info Sheet". Click that and it will reveal a download button. Clicking that button downloads the PDF. 

Before clicking:


After clicking:


The second way is through the Account Dashboard:

Go to My Account > Orders > and click on the red order number that corresponds to the Info Sheet you would like to download.

From there, scroll to the section "Info Sheet", and click the red Download button next to the one you need.




If you absolutely cannot find the Info Sheet you're looking for, open a support ticket with your request and we'll email it 😘

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