Bacterial blooms and contamination in Waters (never Kolonías)

WATERS are the most vulnerable Form to "corruption" out of anything in the entire catalogue. You can tell because "floaties" (for lack of a better term!) start aggregating inside, and get worse over time.

If a Water "turns", it is best not to use it. Or it can be sanitized using UV light.

Bacteria can grow in the Waters but never in KOLONÍAS, because they have too high an alcohol content (so if a Kolonía gets weird looking, it's harmless — shaking vigorously often resolves the issue! Especially for items that have chlorophyll, like the Kolonía of the Aerial Queen).

Certain Waters have essential oils in them that are naturally anti-bacterial, which helps keep them preserved longer than others, and there is some alcohol in the Waters as a preservative as well, but not enough to insure their shelf-life infinitely.

Keep Waters away from light, direct sunlight, and heat to promote longevity

Chemical interactions between colloidal metals, natural dyes, and essential oils in hydrosols can form what look like tiny crystals — which can register as bacterial blooms, but are different. You can tell because bacteria gets worse over time, whereas the crystals tend to stay consistent or amass much more slowly. Crystals also catch light and have jagged edges, whereas bacteria looks "fluffy" and often brown.

If a Water arrived with what look like meaningful floaties and you're concerned, please open a support ticket and send us some good quality photos to check it out. We are happy to replace or refund if it is truly contaminated.

But first, please check out that offering's photo(s) on our website, to make sure what you're seeing isn't how it's supposed to look. Some essential oils/ absolutes create globules or have colors that can collect on the top, bottom, or the straw. If it's in our photos, you know everything is as-intended 🤗

Waters that go off after 30-days are not eligible for refunds or returns, because too many factors are at play, such as improper storage, but also magical and energetic reasons.

Deneb Algedi Waters can go bad because they've collected ambient bad energies, for instance, similarly to the mechanism of prepared Bluing containers. Venus Waters have a tendency to go bad during poor transiting conditions or even improper affection from their keepers. All these factors are outside our control, but they are somewhat within yours!

Tip: Storing materia on altars offers an extra layer of protective energetic insulation to individual items, which helps keep things like that from happening.


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